Day 1: Lambert Online Estate Auction

Day 1: Lambert Online Estate Auction


Lifelong collection of a retired teacher, author, gardener & do-it-yourselfer.  Lots of project pieces for those that enjoy restoring furniture. Something for everyone!

One estate spread over 2 days - click here to check out Day 2

Hoosier cabinet, desks, secretary desks, book shelves, bed frames, end tables, buffets, wooden display cabinets, chairs, cupboards, kitchen table, antique furniture, furniture restoration supplies, hardware, tools, toys, crocks, lawn & garden supplies, windows, wooden doors, yard decorations, small appliances, refrigerator, VHS tapes, DVDs, LP records, record player, canning jars, books of all topics, NEW Jr. high aged reading books (some sold in multiples), National Geographic magazines, vintage magazines, glassware, china & dishware sets, Carnival glass, Tupperware, Pyrex, vintage framed artwork, collector plates, lawn mowers, weed eaters, Aztec & Native American themed collectibles, Asian inspired decor, figurines made in Occupied Japan, Avon collectibles, postcards, antique photographs, geodes, quartz & crystals, household items, vintage ammunition, canning jars, landscaping stone, terra cotta pots, wire egg baskets, fire proof safes & MUCH MUCH MORE!!

09224 County Road 16, Bryan, Ohio 43506
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